The Tug Hill Plateau is an area of 2100 square miles at an elevation of 2000 Ft. with snowfalls of 200"-300" annually as a result of lake affect snow storms.The New York State yearly snowfall record occured during the winter of 76-77 in the town of Montague on Tug Hill. They recorded 466.9" inches of snow-nearly 30 Ft!.And in the winter of 96-97 the national snowfall record was challenge when the town of montague received 90" of snow in 24 hours. Total snow accumulation for that event was 96" in 30 hours.

What makes the Tug Hill Plateau unique is its protected enviroment, the state of New York is committed to keeping the area as a wild habitat for plants an animals this is evident through the large amount of state game lands and forest preserves. In fact the Tug Hill Plateau is the least populated part of New York state. Private land owners also realize the fragile balance of nature on the plateau By not allowing any commercial development to take hold in fact most of the camps (cabins) built are built as not to damage the surrounding habitat.

Tug Hill is home to 7 rare plants including birds eye-primrose and jacobs ladder its also home to 29 rare animals like the red shouldered hawk. So please act responsibly while visiting so we can insure others will enjoy this beautifull nature area for years to come.

Lake Affect Snow:

Lake affect snow is caused by a cold wind which blows across the relatively warm lake waters lifting the moisture into the atmosphere where it falls in the form of snow squalls.

What makes Tug hill Unigue is that the moisture is lifted to a higher altitude because of the 2000 ft plateau enhancing the snow intensity thereby increasing snow depths. The depth of lake Ontario also plays a part in the snow levels. Lake Ontario is the last of the lakes to freeze over thereby extending the lake affect season.


7th Annual Valley Snow Travelers
Vintage show March 4 2017  
Vintage Race March 5 2017    11:00 am
Groomer Barn  3642 Rector Rd Lowville Ny
Cancelled for Lack of Snow 3-4-17

Vintage Snow Racers Series Schedule

75 Mile Tug Hill Challenge

Although these events are races there is other activities occuring during these periods call your race host for more details.

Safety Course Schedule:     05-06 season

Youth snowmobile saftey training class.
Sponsored By The Valley Snow Travelers
Attendance on both days is required..
Call 315-376-5270  to sign up


Please Note: If you are between the ages of 10-18 years old  you must get a safety certificate
to legally ride a snowmobile.You are also required to have your sled registered and insured .